Nutrition Tips for Preventing Cold & Flu

It’s flu season! Are there any foods or supplements that we should have to prevent catching a cold? YES! Here are some nutrition tips that will help boost your immune system once you feel weak or at risk:

Take ZINC SUPPLEMENTS! This is the FIRST THING you should do as soon as you feel you’re catching a cold. Zinc administration within 24hrs of flu onset reduces the duration and symptoms of the illness!

Walk under the sun! Did you know that lower VITAMIN D levels increase the risk for catching a cold? Sun exposure is the best vitamin D source, but you should also boost your levels from food: have some OILY FISH for dinner like salmon, sardines or tuna!

Snack on STRAWBERRIES & BERRIES! Not only are they a great source of ANTIOXIDANTS, needed to boost our immune system; but they are also VITAMIN C rich foods. Did you know that 8 strawberries have more vitamin C than 1 orange? Consuming vitamin C rich foods reduces flu duration. Don’t bother with vitamin C supplements; they are NOT effective for curing the common cold as believed!

Add some GARLIC when preparing your meals! It is one of the richest sources of antioxidants on top of its antimicrobial properties: it can kill bacteria and viruses!

AVOID soft drinks, low fat fruit yogurt, cereals, granola bars… Anything that is high in REFINED SUGAR, which weakens our immune system!

If you catch a cold, keep on following the same tips and HYDRATE! A lot of WATER, hot herbal teas (peppermint, ginger, green tea with lemon & honey) and homemade soups! Hot beverages can make you sweat, a helpful way for eliminating viruses from your system! Click here for more inspiring soup recipes.

Dona Maria Mesmar, BSc, MSc


This article offers general advice and may not be applicable to you. Before making any changes to your diet, be sure to consult a qualifiedhealth-care professional.

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