Best & Easy to Prepare Snacks

You’ve probably heard that you should snack between meals. Yes! Snacking helps you maintain your weight by controlling your appetite. Skipping snacks makes you feel hungrier and therefore overeat on your meals. Overeating contributes to weight gain and a poor digestion, one of the major causes of heartburn!

But you might snack on the wrong food and gain weight! Snacks should be low in sugar, have protein, fibers and healthy fats to increase satiety. Unfortunately, many snacks that are believed to be healthy such as granola bars and low fat products are actually not the best option. One granola bar has 3 teaspoons of sugar and most low fat products have 20% more sugar than full fat equivalents. Think about it, if the product is low in fat, something else must be added to maintain taste and textural properties! Did you know that a small fat-free fruit yogurt has 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar? You should try to avoid these snack options due to their high sugar content.

Try these nutritious and easy to prepare snacks instead:

Greek yogurt with berries: Less sugars, more protein and B vitamins than regular yogurt; berries contain the highest concentrations of antioxidants of all fruits!

Almond butter with wholegrain rice cakes: Almond butter has protein, omega-3 and more fibers and calcium than peanut butter! Rice cakes are low in carbs and calories!

Sweet cravings? Dark chocolate with strawberries! Regular dark chocolate consumption reduces blood pressure and cholesterol due to its flavanoids content.

What if you’re busy and want something on the go?

Green apples! No preparation needed, low in sugar and packed with antioxidants! Apples help stabilize your blood sugar levels, important for controlling food cravings!

Another option is unsalted Almonds! Rich in healthy fats, protein and fibers and help you lose weight if you’re on a low carb diet!

Dona Maria Mesmar, BSc, MSc in Human Nutrition


This article offers general advice and may not be applicable to you. Before making any changes to your diet, be sure to consult a qualified health-care professional.

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