About Sadia

Our Promise


There’s a lot of attention that goes into everything we do at Sadia. Right from the care given to the chicken during farming, to producing our own feed for them and selecting the best materials and the freshest ingredients to offer you high quality innovative products made with the highest production standards. We guarantee food safety and Halal standards so that you and your loved ones can enjoy tasty and healthy food every day.


Sadia has not only amassed years & decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology, but it also utilizes carefully selected ingredients and raw materials for the development of delicious food products. Adapted to a wide range of customs and tastes, every product Sadia produces is of the best quality and with enough variety to provide a tasty meal at any time of the day, anywhere around the world.

Sadia is one of the world’s leading brands of chilled and frozen food. Only through tasting one of Sadia’s food products, one will be able to evaluate the reasons for such a success.